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Shopping Ethnic and Regional

Open Directory - Shopping - Ethnic and Regional


Shopping Ethnic and Regional
In this category are shopping sites selling a variety of products that are endemic to a geographic region or to an ethnic group.

Subcategories 20

Related categories 4

Cadeaux DuMonde
Imports sculpture, jewelry, musical instruments, home accessories, rugs, hats, and dolls.

FolkArt Gallery
Indigenous, ethnic and tribal artifacts, crafts, textiles, and jewelry from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Worldwide handcrafted goods of woodcarvings and sculptures, figurines, and wall hangings.

Magellan Traders
Handmade imported functional and decorative art and jewelry from Africa, Papua New Guinea, South America and the Orient.

Mystery Mountain
Traditional African, Native American, and Far Eastern products as well as clothing, jewellery, statues, and unusual musical instruments.

Natural Flow Direct
Offers fair trade clothing and accessories, drums and percussion, and gifts, from India, Nepal, and Africa.

Handmade arts, crafts, jewelry and linens, from around the world.

Oxfam Trading
Products from developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America, including handcrafts, books, music CDs and instruments, clothing, toys, food, and jewelry. Based in Australia.

Prometheus Imports
Reproductions of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Buddha and Hindu statues, ancient arms and armor, and curios.

Rho Designs
A collection of art, paints and textiles from a variety of cultures including Vietnam, Botswana and Guatemalan.

SERRV International
Gifts that make a difference, ethical fair trade gift and crafts products from a range of developing countries.

Foods, cookbooks, music, movies and belly dancing CDs, from the Mediterranean including regions of Armenia, Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

Ten Thousand Villages
Fair trade international craft supplier. Crafts from around the world from an ethical supplier.

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